STEAM, Making, & Environmental Science


NSTA STEM Expo, July 2016, Denver, CO

  • Design Thinking and STEM

NSTA National Conference, April 2016, Nashville, TN

Teaching and Learning Conference, March 2016, Washington, DC

  • Lessons from the Field: a STEAM Project-Based Learning Practicum slide deck

CCSA Conference, March 2016, Long Beach, CA

  • Leading from the Classroom–Supporting the Growth of Teacher Leaders, slide deck
  • Developing a Growth Mindset in Teachers and Students through Making, slide deck

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, December 2015, San Francisco,CA

  • “Student Leadership & Climate Literacy”: Panel Participant  (part of Climate Literacy: Models, Impacts, and Best Practices from Research and Evaluation) slide deck

CA STEM Symposium, October 2015, Anaheim, CA

  • LEGOs: Design Thinking and Engineering for Young Students slide deck
  • Grades K-2 Project-Based Learning STEAM Units slide deck

STEM ++ Conference, October 2015

  • Using Literacy & Design Thinking to Develop Empathy handout

NSTA STEM Forum & Expo, May 2015, Minneapolis, MN

  • Using STEAM to Inspire Deeper Learning Slide Deck

San Francisco Bay Area STEAM Colloquium, January 2015 & CCSA Conference, March 2015

  • Deeper Learning Through Project Based Learning and STEAM Slide Deck
  • Design Thinking and Engineering for Young Children Slide Deck

SparkTruck’s Creative Fuel-Up Workshop, Stanford d school, April 2015

  • Glue Gun Activities & Circuit Town


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