Google, ELA, and the CCSS

Google, ELA, and the CCSS Presentation (CUE West Coast GAfE Summit, March 2015)

Slide Deck 

Book Club 2.0 Resources
Technology used: Docs, Sites, and Mic Note-Audio Recorder & Notepad (Chrome App)
ELA CCSS Covered: SL.8.1a, SL.8.1b, SL.8.1c, SL.8.1d
Book Club Guidelines
Book Club Note-Taking Week 1
Book Club Note-Taking Week 2
Book Club Note-Taking Week 3
Book Club Group Rubric

Blogging  and Current Events Resources
Technology Used: Google Sites (blogging-function), Google Docs
ELA CCSS Covered: RI.8.10, W.8.6, W.8.2.d
Student Handout

Slide Deck Background is from Slides Carnival

Session Padlet:

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