Design Thinking, Making

Scaffolding Student Making

Yesterday, I attended Day 3 of Stanford's K-12 Lab 2014-2015 Home Team d thinking arc. The day was focused on exploring mindsets and design thinking in the classroom. Based on our interests, we rotated through a series of activities though always focusing on three d thinking mindsets--recognizing more than one POV (point of view), having… Continue reading Scaffolding Student Making


Tinkering- My Inspiration for 2015

As part of the #YourEdustory challenge, I am trying to blog more often. This week's topic is what is your one word inspiration for 2015. After a lot of thought, I have decided the word that will inspire me with students and my school is "tinkering." I like the idea of tinkering--making, exploring, and playing… Continue reading Tinkering- My Inspiration for 2015