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Teaching Global Competency

Does your school focus on making sure students are ready for a global society? What skills, attitudes, and knowledge is taught? What is missing? Will your students have the skills necessary to be successful and active participants in college and beyond? In our area of the country, global competency and global education are becoming a… Continue reading Teaching Global Competency

Design Thinking

Learning Spaces: #yourEdustory Week 9

Clearly a bit behind on my #youredustory blog postings--it is week 9, and my last post was week 2. Ooops. This week's posting is about space and design--well, it's to put together a design brief for a new learning environment. Instead of writing a design brief, I am going to ramble about space 🙂 Space and… Continue reading Learning Spaces: #yourEdustory Week 9

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Scaffolding Student Making

Yesterday, I attended Day 3 of Stanford's K-12 Lab 2014-2015 Home Team d thinking arc. The day was focused on exploring mindsets and design thinking in the classroom. Based on our interests, we rotated through a series of activities though always focusing on three d thinking mindsets--recognizing more than one POV (point of view), having… Continue reading Scaffolding Student Making