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As I set off with my trusty backpack…

I am an explorer. People who know me wouldn’t disagree with the statement and would probably point to my love of travel as evidence. But I would argue that I travel because I am an explorer, not that I am an explorer because I travel. This is a distinction that I wouldn’t have made before… Continue reading As I set off with my trusty backpack…

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Teaching Global Competency

Does your school focus on making sure students are ready for a global society? What skills, attitudes, and knowledge is taught? What is missing? Will your students have the skills necessary to be successful and active participants in college and beyond? In our area of the country, global competency and global education are becoming a… Continue reading Teaching Global Competency

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Storytelling and Teacher Voice

I always feel like once you start paying attention to topic/event/idea, you see it everywhere. For me, storytelling has been this topic. Everywhere I look, storytelling and telling your story is there, proclaiming its worth and explaining why YOU should tell your story. For me, thinking about storytelling started this summer. My colleagues and I… Continue reading Storytelling and Teacher Voice