Reason #2 to Circumnavigate Newfoundland: France! In North America!

Have you heard of St. Pierre, France? Euros, French citizenship, French license plates, and delicious bakeries but located on two small islands in the Gulf of St Lawrence in the North Atlantic Ocean. It’s officially called the Overseas Collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon. 

These fishing-based islands bring up interesting questions around fishing rights, borders, and history. According to, France has the largest exclusive economic zone in the world due to its overseas territories and seas. 

Visiting St. Pierre is a great reminder about the importance of location and how the past continues to influence the present. #historicalperspective #thinklikeageographer

About Jessica Lura

I am the director of teaching and learning at public K-8 charter school in Northern California. I work to integrate technology and hands-on learning into the classroom. I develop and lead professional development for my school, helping teachers develop project-based learning and design thinking units, integrate technology and digital citizenship in the classroom, and create opportunities for real world interactions and projects. For my efforts, I was named Santa Clara County's Office of Education Charter School Teacher of Year for 2013 and a 2014 Comcast All-Star Teacher. I am also a Google Certified Innovator
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